Покрет за одбрану Косова и Метохије


Guided by the awareness of the spiritual, territorial, political and economic importance of Kosovo and Metohia for Serbia and the Serbian people,

Faced with a new ultimatum from the leading Western countries that on “Serbia’s path to the EU” we must recognize “Kosovo’s independence”,

Outraged by the acceptance of the Serbian state leadership to participate in further negotiations and implementation of the Franco-German document on the entry of the fake state “Kosovo” into all international organizations,

Opposing the long-term destructive policy of the authorities of the Republic of Serbia towards Kosovo and Metohia, especially the Brussels Agreement, the provisions of which abolished the state institutions of Serbia in the southern Serbian province, which caused the mass emigration of the Serbian population,

Convinced that the only solution to the final status of the AP of Kosovo & Metohia is in the reintegration of the region into the constitutional and legal order of the state of Serbia, with the status of essential autonomy of the province, as foreseen by Resolution SB OUN no. 1244 and the Constitution of Serbia,

United in providing support to Serbs ready to prevent the spread of separatist institutions and military-police bases in the north of Kosovo & Metohia, where they never existed,

Warning the public that in the event that Serbia grants “Kosovo” statehood, in a short time there would be no Serbs there, and that NATO would present us with new territorial demands and ultimatums,


If the new western ultimatum is accepted at this critical hour, the state of Serbia, as we know it, would cease to exist, and the Serbian people, as shaped by its past history, would no longer exist.

By legally and politically relinquishing Kosovo and Metohia, by handing over to the enemy its people, but also the space on which the Serbian spiritual being is founded, the Serbian people would not be able to survive in terms of identity. The one who would agree to the latest ultimatum, who would sign it or help it to be signed, would be guilty of the sure historical end of the great Serbian nation.

Reminding the President of the Republic of Serbia, the ministers in the Government of Serbia and the deputies of the National Assembly of Serbia that by personally participating in the capitulation, each of them would not only bear the mark of treason forever, but would inevitably be subjected to criminal-legal proceedings for the most serious crime of recognizing the occupation state territories,

We, the undersigned, call on the competent state authorities of the Republic of Serbia to completely and without delay reject the Western ultimatum demanding our final renunciation of Kosovo and Metohia, and we invite all patriotic forces in Serbia, the surrounding area and the dispersion to a national gathering for the defense and preservation of Kosovo and Metohia part of Serbia.




About Savindan, January 2023, 

Presidency of the Movement for defense of Kosovo and Metohia,

supported by more than 200 notables from Serbia, other Serbian lands and abroad.